As we all expected, after the launch of new iPhones the prices of old Apple iPhones have dropped by a significant number. For your convenience, we have listed down all the phones that received the price cut. 


Starting from the most recent model, the price of Apple iPhone XS 64GB is reduced from ₹99,900 to ₹89,900 while the 256GB model is down to ₹1,03,900 from ₹1,14,900.

The Apple iPhone XR 64GB model is now available at ₹49,900 which is down from ₹59,900 while the 128GB model is now available at ₹54,900 which is down from ₹64,900.


The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, has received a massive price cut and is now priced starting at ₹49,900 from ₹69,900 for the 64GB option and the 128GB variant is priced ₹Rs. 54,900 from the old price of ₹74,900. 

The iPhone 8 are now priced at ₹39,900 from ₹59,900 for the 64GB variant and ₹44,900 from ₹64,900 for the 128GB option. 


Similarly, the iPhone 7 Plus is priced at ₹37,900 from ₹49,900 for 32GB and ₹42,900 from ₹59,900 for 128GB option.

Lastly, the iPhone 7 is currently available for ₹29,900 from ₹39,900 for the 32GB storage option and ₹34,900 from ₹49,900 for the 128GB storage option.


This price revision is now reflecting on the company’s website. All these phones should soon be available at the new prices on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online stores. So, is this the best time to buy an old iPhone? Maybe.