Google saw how iPhone users (and everyone else for that matter) have been struggling to send information like addresses and GIFs and emojis while chatting. Switching between apps and copy pasting, Google knew the struggle was real. 

So, Google being Google, decided to help. The result is epic, to say the least and one cannot believe that this was not already a thing.

Known as GBoard, this Google keyboard has a built-in search! You don’t have to switch apps to Google things anymore. All you have to do is press the search button and feed in your keywords and voila!

Not only information, one can even look up for stuff like emojis and GIFs that we have begun to swear on. It is available for iOS, meaning iPhone and iPad users can rejoice. 

You can watch the most important video of the year here:

Download it from your App Store and let the magic unfold, guys.

Take a bow, Google!