We already know that Google Lens is a useful tool that can translate texts, copy texts and can find products on the world wide web for you. Now, Google has introduced a new feature that can be used to copy handwritten texts from phone to computer.

According to the company’s official blog post, Google has added a new “Copy to Computer” command that enables a user to copy handwritten notes directly onto their computers. In order to use the feature, a user must have the latest version of Google Lens and Google Chrome on their smartphone.


One should also make sure that they are logged into their computer and smartphone using the same account. To get started, open Google Lens and point your smartphone at the handwritten notes.

Now, highlight the on-screen text that you want to copy and select copy. Select the document on your computer where you want to paste the text and hit paste.


Apart from this, the company has also launched a feature that allows a user to learn the correct pronunciation of words. Lastly, Google has added a new feature that enables a user to look up for new concepts directly from Google Lens.

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All of these features are currently available on all the Android devices with the latest version of Google Lens.