Apple iPhones were always considered secure but recent incidents are indicating that the story may change soon. Wondering why are we saying this? It turns out that a duo of Google security team recently found six critical security flaws in iOS’ iMessage. The flaws can compromise your phone without you even interacting with it. 

Hindustan Times

report from ZDNet says that research by Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß found six vulnerabilities in iMessage, four of which could lead to a malicious code on remote iOS devices even without any significant interaction. This simply means that an attacker can deliver an infected message to your device and as soon as you open it, he gets all access. 


The other two bugs can allow an attacker to access a user’s phone memory and read all their files remotely, according to Natalie Silvanovich, one of the two researchers works for Google Project Zero who found and reported the loophole.


The report also suggests that five of the flaws could cost over $5 million. However, five of these six flaws have been fixed with iOS 12.4 but the sixth flaw is not completely fixed yet. So, we recommend you to update your device with the latest version of iOS as soon as possible.