On International Women’s Day on Wednesday, Google had a special heartwarming doodle that honours women pioneers through the ages.

The doodle shows a grandmother telling bedtime stories to a little girl. The girl then imagines herself visiting each of the women pioneers across different centuries.

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The doodle features the following women:

  •   Ida Wells – an American journalist and Civil rights activist 
  • Frida Kahlo – Mexican painter and activist
  • Rukmini Devi-Indian dancer 
  • Lotfia El Nadi- Egypt’s first female pilot
  •  Halet Cambel – Turkish archaeologist and the first Muslim to compete in the Olympics
  • Lino Bo Bardi- Italian-born Brazilian architect
  •  Olga Skorokhodova- Societ scientist in the field of deaf & blind communication
  • Miriam Makeba- South African singer
  • Sally Ride- First woman in space
  • Ada Lovelace- English mathematician and world’s first computer programmer
  • Cecilia Grierson- the first woman in Argentina to receive a medical degree 
  • Lee Tai-young- activist who was Korea’s first female lawyer & judge 
  • Suzanne Lenglen- French tennis champion who popularized the sport
b’The doodle slideshow shows 13 not-so famous women who have made their mark in history.xc2xa0′

Google explains that while these women might not be household names, they’ve made their mark in history. The Doodle ends with the girl going to sleep after acknowledging the role of her grandmother.