Remember that Twitter employee, whose photo of her sleeping on the office floor went viral last year? Esther Crawford worked as a director of product management in the company for nearly two years. She had famously promoted ‘sleep-where-you-work’ culture after Elon Musk’s acquisition. We are talking about this picture.

Source: Evan Jones/Twitter

The viral picture had received backlash for allegedly promoting toxic culture and setting unrealistic expectations of productivity at workplaces. Cut to 2023, Elon Musk-led company has allegedly fired Crawford and now the former employee calls her hard work a “mistake”.

Esther Crawford took to Twitter to express her feelings after being laid-off. Her tweet has gone viral on the platform.

“The worst take you could have from watching me go all-in on Twitter 2.0 is that my optimism or hard work was a mistake,” Crawford, who goes by the username, @esthercrawford, tweeted yesterday.

“Those who jeer & mock are necessarily on the sidelines and not in the arena. I’m deeply proud of the team for building through so much noise & chaos,” she added.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

For the unversed, Evan Jones, a product manager of the company, had shared Crawford’s picture in November last year. In the photo, Crawford can be seen curled up in a sleeping bag on the floor while covering her eyes with a sleep mask. “When you need something from your boss at Elon twitter,” Jones had tweeted back then. To which, Crawford responded saying, “When your team is pushing round the clock to make deadlines sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork.”

Back then, Crawford had defended the criticism saying, “hard things require sacrifice”.

Check out her old tweets:

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