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My mother taught me to love myself. The older I got and the busier my life became, self-love couldn’t always be about meditating hours on end, constantly eating healthy, and keeping up with my chakras! So it was slowly and irreversibly replaced by more and more ordinary, achievable things. 

Also known as skin care! 

And while I have increasingly become conscious about my skin, there’s no denying that I’ve come a long way from just using a cleanser to a full-blown 9 step routine. Which eventually became time consuming. 

That’s when my skin-care obsessed self came across the UFO by Swedish brand FOREO which is an out of this world (like the name suggests) home spa device that promises to give you instant hydration (since you won’t drink water eh?) 

So, I decided to invest in my idea of self-love by giving it a shot. And my experience has been nothing short of magical. 

I’ve been dabbling with various skin-care products long enough to know they seldom deliver instant results. Not to say the ones that don’t are bad, it’s just that most treatments tend to take time to make a noticeable difference. However, that’s far from the case with FOREO’s UFO, which is a dope no-hassle spa in 90 seconds! You best believe I was pretty shook about this. 


This little nugget that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie was put to the test the night after a long, tiring day (where I definitely forgot to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water). My skin is known for being dry, pigmented, and dull (if I say so myself) and it was kinda a relief that UFO claims to immediately moisturizes skin, presenting long-lasting moisture. Also, being clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days! Woah


The way it functions is all the more interesting. The first step is to download the corresponding app, which scans your device as well as the treatment mask you select. It comes with two: “Call It a Night”, which is infused with radiance-boosting olive oil and ginseng, and “Make My Day”, which contains skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and calming red algae. Both of which come in the form of tiny circular sheet masks that you place on the device, which then uses a blend of LED light therapy, hyper-infusion technologies, and  T-sonic pulsations, to enhance and ensure the nutrients are assimilated into the deepest layers of the skin! (phew! All that for me?!) 

Further on, once you’ve placed your chosen sheet mask, you can start gliding it across your skin in circular motions until the 90 seconds is up. And you’ll know your time’s up because it will tell you on the app, plus the device will stop pulsating. For the first round, I went with the nighttime formula, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel like heaven. 


While the process seems pretty high tech, it’s seamless with little to no hassle. The one thing that sealed the deal for me were the results. After a week-long use my skin began to look and feel brighter, plumper, and hella moisturised. Wishing I had the possibility to go out into the night partying!  

So, I’d say, if you’re someone who’s wishing to cut their skin-care routine in half without giving up results, I’d highly recommend picking up a UFO for yourself. Check it out here

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