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Even though my college is over, my entire batch is still on the Hike group chat (called Ssup ’17 for some strange reason) and with the endless notification I get, it easily is the most active group on my phone. While in college, our conversations used to revolve around how frugal our student life is. Now, it’s mostly about how bakwaas the concept of adulting is, how our lives are still as just as chindi and as reliant on cheap thrills like it was before. So here I am, revisiting some of the funnier moments from college that looking back now, make my boring day that much more interesting.

1. When “guys, I don’t feel like attending this class” was all it took to start a mass bunk mutiny.

2. Your photography skills were judged on the basis of how well you took the pictures of your notes.

3. Picking a place for a batch party was more important than the semester end exams.

4. The timetable was literally the weekly updated group chat icon. Really, who checks the mail, bro?

5. When every silly picture was photoshopped into something naaasty

6. You literally never had to eat alone because “Anyone hungry?” would make sure the entire class turned up in the cafeteria.

7. When birthday wishes came in plenty (sometimes with really embarrassing pictures)

And they still do!

8. For me, group chat meant asking people to get me a proxy.

 Reasons were anything from “I’m hungover/sleeping/so done with life” to “having an existential crisis/just one of those days/almost every day.”

Them good ol’ days! God, I miss them. After all, there’s nothing better than to stay in constant touch with your friends, especially when you have such hectic schedules. Even the ones who weren’t active in the group back then, are the ones who are now buzzing on it. In fact, we’re close to a hundred and fifty members already and can add up to 1000 members in the group. With this capacity and the current rate at which we all are socializing, one can only imagine what our future groups would look like! Kyunki, no formalities, yaar!