In association with OnePlus

I have been a fan of the OnePlus series ever since the beginning. The smooth experience and the amazing camera have always had my heart. Speaking of which, I have been thoroughly waiting for the launch of the 11 series, and it’s here now.

We saw the launch of four flagship products of 2023: the OnePlus 11 5G smartphone, OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro, OnePlus Bus Pro 2 earbuds, OnePlus Pad, and the OnePlus Featuring 81 Pro keyboard. The Cloud 11 event was the first on-ground event for OnePlus in 3 years and it took place in Delhi NCR on February 7. Safe to say, it surpassed all expectations. The brand has totally kicked it up a notch with this one and we’re still processing the launch. Especially with the return of two of its most liked features based on community feedback– the signature alert slider and Hasselblad photography integration, the fans went crazy. OnePlus has yet again shown care for its community with this upgrade. But it doesn’t end here.

The brand also came up with something more interesting – an AI-generated community film. It was designed using the Stable Diffusion AI and the tweets of the community members.

the actual tweets used in the scripting of the film

And THIS was a true piece of brilliance. The artwork was cyberpunkish, modern, and surreal. Some may also say ‘trippy’. We go from one frame to another with immense fluidity and seamless transitions. This is the future, period. The film is at par with OnePlus’ advanced tech and brand voice. We won’t say much and ruin it for you. So check out the film here!