Why are social media companies so intent on keeping a track of our activities?

As if WhatsApp with its blue ticks and last seen had not already contributed to breaking relationships, now Instagram will also be sharing information on when you were ‘Last Active’.


The option is available in the ‘Direct Messaging’ feature of Instagram – the one that we started relying on after Facebook and WhatsApp left us with little choice!

Even though Instagram is yet to roll out the feature officially, the updated version of Instagram already displays this for many users worldwide, including in India. 

Twitterati obviously was not amused by this and here’s what users had to say: 

However, not all hope is lost as you do have the option of turning this feature off. 

All you have to do is go to Settings and turn off the feature titled ‘Show Activity Status’. Exactly the way it works with Facebook messenger. 

When it comes to keeping a tab on people, social media apps seem to have left even Indian mothers behind.

Time to quit social media and go back to coffee shops, I say.