If you brought an expensive Apple iPhone thinking that it will keep your private data safe, a new study by tech experts at UK-based phone case company will disappoint you.

The Verge

According to India Today, at a time when smartphone hacking via third-party bugs is on the rise, a study by Case24 has discovered that iPhones are 167 times more at risk of getting hacked than other brands.

Experts gathered the data by analysing monthly Google search volumes to see how many people in Britain are searching for ways to hack different smartphones and apps.


The total search for iPhones was 10,400 compared to 700 searches for Samsung. 

According to GoodToKnow, “LG, Nokia and Sony were the phones that hackers were least interested in, generating under 100 searches a month for each individual brand. Sony was at the bottom with 50 searches.”


That’s not all, another finding shows that 12,310 British people want to know how to hack someone’s Instagram account. While other apps that posed a lower risk of being hacked are Facebook with 1120 people, Amazon with 1070 people and Netflix with 750 people.


However, the study did not specify the risk factors and vulnerabilities these phones and apps possess.