Bilal Ahmed, a mathematics teacher and innovator from Kashmir, has made a luxurious and affordable solar car that is going to remind you of Back to the Future. 

Bilal hails from the Sanat Nagar area of Srinagar and has been working on this project for over 11 years. This car works on solar energy and has solar panels all over the surface. According to Bilal, his solar car is the solution to the rising fuel prices and environmental pollution. 

Bilal wanted to make comfortable cars for the handicapped, but financial issues got in the way. Then he decided to make solar cars to combat environmental issues and got inspired by DMC DeLorean, and thus came the inspiration for the design of the car.

Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are just a dream for a common person. Only few people are able to afford it while it remains a dream for others to drive such cars and roam in it. I thought of something to give a luxurious feel to the people as well.

-Bilal Ahmed

This car cost Bilal 16 lakhs and can accommodate four people. While it is reminding some people of Back to the Future, others are calling it Desi Tesla

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