The internet is full of content. With something new and crazy going viral every other day filling us with imagination and inspiration. And of course, with all this time to re-evaluate and introspect, we all picked up and explored new things to overcome our everyday mundane lives. 

So the other day, while I hoped and prayed to escape my drab routine and add some magic to it, I came across the new sci-fi story revolving around the new Kia Sonet. There's no denying that the sci-fi geek in me was beyond fascinated as I began reading this captivating story set in 2150! Of course, you don't expect brands to do crazily fascinating stuff like this, but this year has been a surprise anyway. 

Later on, when I dug further I found out that it was Kia Motors India and their friends @theautofocus and @swedgedesign who took this familiar plot, letting their imaginations run wild as they took us along with them in the new Kia Sonet into the far future where we see the Battle Royale unfold between aliens from planet Nibiru and Earth. Get ready to meet the Beast because it's just the beginning of one fascinating adventure. 

Also, listen up GenZ, if you're a sci-fi geek like me, you'd not want to miss out on this one! Through this one of a kind adventure, Kia Sonet reminds us that along with its advanced tech it is also a futuristic car that is wild by design. And there's no denying that. 

We are all so excited to read the story of the warrior and the Sonet as the narrative lets you fill in the blanks with your own imagination! The entire story evokes a feeling of adventure, of losing ourselves in a world of courage and perseverance. But deeper down, it's also a story of friendship and companionship between a man and his machine, and how these are things that we cherish most when things are dire. There is a war going on for the earth and its defenders are ready. Are you?

It goes without saying that Kia Motors India is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity coming up with innovative ideas. And this trip into the future is proof. 

Check out their Instagram to place your bids on who'll win; the aliens or us earthlings. 

Also, if you want Kia to create a full action digital comic on this, let them know by commenting on their post! I have already DMed them my request. *wink* Check out Kia Sonet if you are fascinated by its bold and dynamic design.