‘Repeated incorrect attempts, try after 30 seconds.’

Those are probably the longest 30 seconds that we know, and that message on the phone is more panic inducing than it should be.


Like, am I really supposed to wait for 30 seconds to check that Instagram notification, just because I drew my own unlock pattern incorrectly 10 times? Come on!

Now, imagine the thoughts of the woman who came back home and saw that her phone was locked for 25 million minutes!

Times of India

The woman from China, whose phone was with her kid at home, came back to see that he had entered the wrong password too many times and locked the phone for 25 million minutes, which is precisely, 48 years.

Times of India

Panicked, the woman rushed to a mobile shop where the technician told her that he had once seen an iPhone which was locked for over 80 years (What a sad piece of information to give to someone who’s struggling with a locked phone).

But how did it happen?

So apparently, Apple has a very strict security system that locks the phone for a longer and longer duration each time you try to enter the wrong password. This starts with 30 seconds and can go up to, as many as 80 years. 


And the solution? Don’t give your phone to a kid.