Sponsored by Kingfisher

There are two kinds of people in the world, one who don’t drink beer and the other who don’t hang out with the first kind. The good thing about beer is that it gives you the right amount of buzz, nothing too major or mellow for that matter. Although it’s for the same reason, folks tend to overshoot their capacity, especially when there isn’t a close friend or partner around to keep them under check. And you can’t monitor someone all the time either. Wouldn’t it be great though, to have a magical device that alerts the person drinking that it’s time to put down the bottle? Well, folks at Kingfisher might actually be onto something similar, or exactly that.

Kuch cheezein shuru toh ek se hoti hai par khatam ‘bohot zada ho gayi bhai’ se hoti hain. Beer is one of them.

To promote responsible drinking, Kingfisher has launched a smart band, KFit, that alerts beer consumers when they tend to go beyond their capacity. 

The beer manufacturer conducted years of consumer studies, a series of tests and finally came up with the answer to the age-old question – how much is too much? Well, the answer lies in the KFit band which comes with a first of its kind alco-sense technology. It analyzes sweat content and body temperature that helps in accurately determining the blood alcohol content (BAC). Once the BAC reaches your personal limit, you get an instant alert from the KFit. The interesting part of this alert is that you can customize it and have a loved one record it for you so that you actually listen to it just the way they’d say it. From bas kar bhai to chal ghar mere bhai, you can be as creative as you want!

It’s safe to say that wearing the KFit will definitely make you ‘fit for drinking’ (pun intended). Here’s the video that explains its technology better: 

Well, well, well, now that you watched the video, the quirky nature of it is enough to make you realize that it’s one of those April Fool’s gimmicks. But come to think of it, such a device would make complete sense.

Till the time it remains a concept, as an avid beer lover, I’d like to part with a chhota sa friendly advice. Utna hi piyo jitne mein kal tak jiyo!