The Google Pixel 4 series is yet to be announced, however, now, a video has surfaced the Internet which is said to be the leaked promotional video of the phone.


The video starts with, “What happens when people who made YouTube, Search and Maps put everything they know into one of these (a Pixel phone)… You get a phone made the Google way”.

After this typical Google intro, we see features like Motion sense, upgraded Google Assistant, an astrophotography mode and some new features of Android 10 such as the dark mode and smart replies. 

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The Motion Sense feature of upcoming Pixel 4 looks like a new touchless way of interacting with your phone. It will allow users to perform certain tasks like controlling music, snoozing alarms and silencing calls by simply waving their hands over the device.


The smartphone that we see in the video looks similar to what we have seen in the leaked images. The video also shows that a white coloured Pixel 4 is coming with a black camera setup at the rear panel and a neon orange power button. This is exactly how the hands-on videos in the past couple of weeks have been indicating the design of the phone to be like.

Google in an image, has already confirmed that the Pixel 4 will get a black coloured model and the new leaked teaser video confirms that a new white coloured model is also coming.

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With a ton of leaks coming every day, the geeks only have one question in their mind: when is Google launching the Pixel 4?