Lockdown is surely taking a toll on a lot of people. With anxiety, irritability and loneliness, many of us are facing problems with our sleeping patterns.  

A healthy and sound sleep is very important, especially during such times. So, to help you with it, here are some apps that may aid you in getting that peaceful sleep you need.  

1. Headspace  

Source: headspace

This app is full of ‘sleepcasts’ and music options that will help you fall asleep. It has the adult version of bedtime stories that help you visualise calming experiences. This app is also a well-known meditation app.  

2. Prizz  

Source: pzizz

This app has a sleep session feature which plays calming music or sound effects while you sleep. You can also set up a wake-up alarm in this app.  

3. Noisli  

Source: medium

You can use Noisli to create the perfect environment for you to sleep. The sounds are customisable, and you can mix them according to the ambience you want to create.  

4. Slumber  

Source: slumber

Apart from offering sleepcasts and a variety of calming music, Slumber also offers soothing stories by the therapeutic hypnotist Dan Jones who uses suggestive hypnosis techniques to help you fall asleep.  

5. Calm  

Source: thewirecutter

With sleep stories, soothing music, and guided lessons on gentle movements that will relax the body, Calm could be the answer to your sleepless nights.  

6. 10% Happier  

10% Happier
Source: finsmes

This app has a wide range of sleepcasts and relaxing sounds, which will help you find your sleep.  

7. Sleep Cycle  

sleep cycle
Source: psychologytoday

This app helps you analyse your sleep over a period of time and accordingly helps you improve your sleeping pattern.  

8. Sleepscore  

Source: sleepscore

The app uses your microphone and speaker to track your sleep by measuring your breathing rate and body movement all night long. It collects all this information and then presents it to you in easy-to-read-charts.  

9. Relax Melodies  

relax melodies
Source: imore

This app gives you a wide variety of sounds like rainfall or beachy waves. Set it according to your preference and drift into a peaceful sleep.  

10. White Noise  

white noise
Source: androidforums

The collection of soothing sounds is ideal to make anyone fall asleep. You can also mix sounds according to your preference and create that perfect sleeping environment for yourself.