When it comes to the habits of the rich, some things just don’t make sense. Like simple but incredibly expensive gadgets and accessories that the rich use. I mean, I can’t imagine shelling out a great amount of money for a Hydroflask or a Fjallraven backpack or a Stanley cup. So now that Louis Vuitton has released their latest gadget – the Horizon Light-Up Earphones, which are worth $1,660 (Rs 1.38 lakhs), of course, the internet is bound to have opinions.

Credit: Hypebeast

Who knew a pair of earphones could be so expensive? Here’s how people are responding to the price of this luxurious item, and they are hilarious AF.

Take a look:

If I can find a pair of earphones that can do the job just as well, at one-tenth the price, why in the world would I spend on these (even if I hypothetically had the money to spend on them)?