Remember how fascinating it was watching a car run on water in action films as a child? Well, brace yourselves for witnessing a real life version of it soon.

Limousine Tender 33 by Nouvoyage is an amphibian vehicle which gives you the swag of having a luxury yacht and car at the same time.

A luxury yacht that can travel on land and a limo that can sail on water

Limo Tender 33 has been designed using state-of-the-art technologies from commercial, military and racing industries to make the amphibious limo a feasible mode of transportation.

Imagine going on a cruise in your car, crazy right?

Best trunk any car can get!

Why isn’t this Car of the Year already?  Ohh wait, maybe because its a yacht too, they should make a new category for it.

Supercar, mega-yacht this combines the best of both the worlds. Ride on or sail away!

Although, President Lyndon Johnson had a boat car back in 1961 too but this luxury & style was definitely lacking. Still it deserves an honorable mention for being visionary and ahead of time.


All Images Source By Teknikens Varld