We’ve all had that one friend whose Facebook account has been hacked and used as a means to send inappropriate pictures. Hell, most of us have been victim to such weird happenings online. A bizarre new trend seems to have begun on Facebook, and this time it’s on a wide scale.  

According to this post by Pawan Manghnani, a woman who goes by the name of Madhu Shah has been sending friend requests to almost everyone on Facebook. Even to your friends.

This woman, who does not even exist, has 34 different Facebook accounts with the same name and same profile picture. When you search Madhu Shah on Facebook, it shows that 69, 826 people are talking about her.

She seems to have sent a friend request to almost everyone you know. And I was freaked out to see that even I have mutual friends with her!

It’s quite evident that this is all a huge sham.

With so many fake profiles, it is possible that she might be friends with some of your friends on Facebook too. So, warn your friends about this and stay safe on the Internet.

Find her and report her to Facebook right away.

H/T: India.com