In the ever-so-fascinating world of futuristic automobiles, there has been a new addition after Elon Musk’s much-expected Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled in November, 2019. 

With their new concept car, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with James Cameron to present the world with the ‘Vision AVTR’. 


According to Tech Crunch, the world premiere of the autonomous electric vehicle, based on James Cameron’s movie Avatar, was hosted with a motive to show how man and machine can merge and live responsibly in nature.

The Vision AVTR or Advanced Vehicle Transformation was unveiled on Monday, January 6, at CES 2020. 


Amongst myriad other concept cars, presented at the giant tech trade show in Las Vegas, the outrageous Vision AVTR stood out due to its bionic flaps and sleek model. 

But the same won’t be available for purchase for a long time. Not this year, not in the next 5 years. 


That’s because according to Ola Källenius, the head of Mercedes-Benz, the Vision AVTR is just for showcasing a brilliant concept. 

He said: 

Show cars are here to spark our imagination, just like science fiction movies do. 
Business Insider

Talking about the vehicle’s design and features –  the concept car has no steering wheel or pedals because it is autonomous. 

The wide-sweeping display covers the curve over the entire front dash. But that’s only the beginning. 

Robb Report

Once inside, you can maneuver the entire car by touching the center console. 

The car, which comes to life after recognizing the driver’s pulse, also features theoretical hand gestures.
This means the driver can lift their hand and turn their palm toward a projected light or icon. 

Korea Tech Today

The best deal is that the vehicle is made from completely sustainable materials. The insides are all organic and completely vegan. 

The 33 multi-directionally movable surface elements on the back of the vehicle act as bionic flaps and look like scales of a reptile. 

Auto Devot

Giving the vehicle additional stability, the Vision AVTR can move sideways by 30 degrees and is quite agile than ordinary cars or trucks. 


Though an absolute beast on paper, it is yet to be seen whether a possible projection of it will be made available for purchase or not.