While the world is raving over the Oculus Rift set, Microsoft have already begun shipping out their newest HoloLens Dev Kit to customers. The HoloLens is more than just the average virtual reality gadget, and definitely worth its price. The smart glass set is a step towards the future with the highest grade augmented reality experience; surrounding your world with holograms. 

Check out how kick-ass Microsoft’s HoloLens is.

The HoloLens focuses more on augmented reality than virtual reality.

Like Oculus Rift, the HoloLens has a screens attached to the goggles too, but that’s pretty much it for any similarities. While Oculus’ virtual reality (VR) is for storytelling experiences and gaming, the HoloLens offers a completely immersive experience for the user.


The HoloLens has a built in computer to handle the graphics, so it can work unattached to a system.

Unlike the Oculus, which has to be connected to a system to handle the heavy graphics end, the HoloLens can stand alone without the support thanks to the built in computer. The device also features two speakers set to the side in an unobtrusive manner, and was developed as part of the general rollout of Windows 10.


The HoloLens is definitely a step above Google Glass.

With the embarrassment that was the Google Glass project which crashed and burned, the HoloLens offers a much more natural and authentic experience. Also, since you don’t wear it outside like you would the Google Glass, the functions of the HoloLens are more specific, and hence better.


The HoloLens has ore functions than you need.

The HoloLens would be the perfect device for design, gaming, virtual experiences and many many more things. The smart glass is compatible with all of Microsoft’s latest generation platforms and can be used as far as the  imagination takes it.


Check out this promo video for the HoloLens:


Time to save up.

Masthead Source: theverge.com, Feature Image Source: notebookinfo.de