Tell me, what is that one thing you take into the washroom with you to kill time while you are busy trying to concentrate on doing your 'big job?' Your mobile phone, right? Well, you are not alone.


According to a recent survey conducted between June 1 and August 31, in 2018 by Bank My Cell, it was revealed that 90% of millennials use their mobile phones in the bathroom. Surprised?

The survey was conducted with over 2,000 people where it was found that 82% of Generation X used their mobile phones in the bathroom while only 57% of baby boomers did the same.

Well, we can't deny that most of us use our mobile phones on the toilet because anything is better than just staring at a blank wall, right? I mean that's the only 'quiet' time we get to read the news, reply to work e-mails or even play games without any interruptions.

It is quite surprising to see how we can't do without technology even while we are in the washroom but, things weren't always like this. 


It was further revealed that 89% of men use their mobile phones on the toilet, where as, 69% of women do the same. 

You should also know that 12% more of Android users use their device in the rest room as compared to those who owned iPhones. 


This survey definitely shows how our dependency on technology has increased with each passing year.