It has been more than two months now since most of us have been working from home. Now I’m not gonna lie, working from home for a writer (like me) is pretty much the best thing. You can concentrate on your work, there are no distractions.  

But what happens if you kind of start missing those distractions that made office your second home? Well, a Swedish company realized that and created a website called The Sounds Of Colleagues for usual sounds that you hear during office hours.  

The website includes different familiar sounds from your office environment including voices of people, your office dog, a coffee machine, keyboards, even the office window and much more. 

These voices just subtly fit into the background while you work and the fun part is that you can increase or decrease any of these sounds according to your convenience via the filter provided by the website.

This website is already making me miss office like crazy. You can check out more familiar office sounds here.