How many times in life have you witnessed something and wished you could’ve photographed that moment? How many times have you wanted to save a moment forever and relive it later. Well, thanks to Sony, that wish of yours looks like it’s going to get granted real soon!

The Japanese electronic giants have just registered a patent for something known as the ‘Smart Lens’. This innovation will be a pair of smart contact lenses that have the ability to record whatever you see. 


These tiny cameras will be capable of recording videos and still images. It might even be able to playback the recordings in front of your eyes. How cool is that! 

The reason why people are calling them ‘Smart Lenses’ is because of a unique feature they possess. The device is capable of recognizing the way you blink. It will be able to differentiate between natural eye blinks and delayed ones, and act accordingly. They will be equipped with internal storage as well so that you won’t have to keep transferring your files to another device constantly. These camera recorders can also be adjusted according to the tilt of your head and possess the autofocus technology as well.


This invention is pretty exciting but it’s scary as well. Once this gets into the market, there will be a severe breach of privacy. You will never be safe from prying eyes (pun intended) because you never know when someone is secretly recording a video of you. 


Worried? So are we!