The only time we hear about iPods these days is either in nostalgia pieces or outdated memes. The iconic mp3 player is making a comeback however.

For the niche audience that's still attracted to the various generations of iPods, Apple have came back after a 4-year hiatus and released a new series with some interesting add-ons, reports

Source: Itvoice

Without wasting much time, here's everything that stands out in the new-generation iPods, which are designed on iPhone's touchscreen based technology: 

1. Compared to A8 chips (used by iPods in 2015), the new iPods will feature an A10 Fusion chip allowing the device to run on 2X speed. 

Source: Extreme Tech

2. The new iPod touch can support group FaceTime calls and can easily run augmented reality applications. 

Source: FPJ

3. A newly developed 256 GB storage option gives people the freedom to download as many music files as they want in the future. 

Source: Mac Rumors

4. Though quite similar to the last generation of iPods, the sleek new iPod touch will give you a 4-inch screen, a single home button and will cost you close to $199 for the 32 GB variant and $399 for the 256 GB option. 

Source: iMore

5. It also features the latest iTunes 12.2 software that has been effectively installed for an enhanced music experience. 

Source: Trusted Reviews

Of course it depends on how you want to enjoy your music - in your phone or simply through the dedicated means of an iPod. Whatever your call, you can now go ahead and purchase the new iPod touch at a budget-friendly price.