There are all kinds of weird condoms out there, from the novelty flavoured to the super high-tech vibrator type nonsense. But, contraceptive tech has made a few leaps since the last advanced version of a condom came out. There’s a new condom in town and it has a claim that it can beat one of the greatest fears we all have with the contraceptive product…breakage.

A Swedish company has released an upgraded condom that is incredibly difficult to break.

Obviously, let’s not get carried away and try it out with a chainsaw or something, but this new condom is in technical terms, unbreakable and unseep-through-able. That’s right. Nothing’s breaking in, or seeping out of this armour of pleasure (that sounds so weird).

This new brand of invulnerable condoms are called HEX and were designed by LELO

The Swedish intimacy company, commonly referred to as the “Apple of the pleasure product industry,” has come up with perhaps, the most important innovation that condoms have seen since the reservoir tip was added.

The path-breaking new technological advancement in the condom’s structure is a product of 7 years of research.

The result came in the form of a revolutionary new idea of including, rather, making the condoms with hexagonal shapes. Kind of like a honeycomb structure, the hexagonal shape is known to be one of the most stable, strong and symmetrical shapes. Naturally, it made sense to enhance the condoms’ protection.

Each HEX condom incorporates 350 little hexagons across its surface.

This causes the condom to also mould itself according to the shape of the wearer, making it less prone to friction and stress, thus preventing the latex from tearing. In fact, even if you were to poke a hole in it, the condom, instead of tearing, will prove to be constricted and negate any leakage.

At the moment the company is crowdfunding the product campaign on Indiegogo and hopes that you guys will help it out. Regardless of whether your sexcapades come with all gloves off or on, LELO is hoping that the new product’s campaigns also helps spread awareness about safe sex.

Rakho sayyam, bano wafadaar!

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