OnePlus recently launched their 2020 flagship phones with top of the line specifications. Along with almost all the latest features that are currently available in the market, OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with a feature which the company never talked about during the launch event.

Oneplus 8 pro
Source: CNet

According to GSMArena, the camera sensors on OnePlus 8 Pro can see through certain surfaces. The feature was first spotted by Max Weinbach which clearly shows that the 5MP IR filter is capable of capturing shots which we have not seen on any smartphone in the past.

Wondering how is it possible? Well, all the standard camera sensors have colour filters, however, OnePlus decided to remove the colour filter making a camera much more sensitive to IR light. Since materials absorb light depending on the wavelength, some object appears transparent on the camera if there is an ample amount of light. 

oneplus 8 pro camera
Source: Android Infotech

This is not limited to objects only, the IR filter can also see through people's clothes which is a major privacy concern for people. It would be interesting to see how the company reacts and if the feature continues on the smartphone.