Working from home for such a long time isn’t that easy. While some of us are missing our colleagues, others just want to work in the office bustle.

And if you have been missing your office a little too much and have exhausted all your playlists, you’ll be thrilled to know there are office noise generators online.

Aimed to provide you an office-like atmosphere, these websites and playlists are a hit among people.

On this particular interface, you just need to click on the objects and they will generate the familiar sounds. You can play it in one of your tabs while working on others.

From the sounds of a typing keyboard and opening window to water dispensing machines, you can feel at office while working from home.

Then, there’s this: The Sound of Colleagues.

From ringing telephones to barking dogs in office, you won’t realise if you are working from home or office.

The consistent, cosy background buzz that feels both ambient and human, can immediately put your brain in Work Mode.

Oh and if you are thinking about that irritating sound of the office AC, we’ve got you covered.

From the sounds of the copier, markers on paper, and a clock ticking to the AC, the Calm Office has it all.

So, put those speakers and headphones to use and you’ll be transported to your office.