Remember how Munna Bhai cheats and tops in all his medical exams with the help of Dr. Rustam Pavri in the movie Munna Bhai MBBS? Well, it may have been portrayed as a comedy scene in the movie, but there are people who actually went to great lengths in order to crack their examinations. 

Today, we have compiled a list of instances when students were caught cheating in their examinations using unbelievable methods.

The Independent

1. Students wore slippers fitted with bluetooth devices. 

During Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET), five applicants had fit electronic devices in the sole of the slippers to cheat during the test. As per the reports, students even paid ₹6 lakh for these slippers. 

2. Parents and friends scaled the walls of examination centres to pass on the answers to students. 

During Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), parents and friends were seen helping the students by risking their own lives as they scaled a high-rise examination centre building to pass cheat sheets through the windows. 

3. Students were caught cheating while they were using micro-sized bluetooth earphones. 

During their ophthalmology exam, ten MBBS final year students were caught cheating in Agra. According to a report, the FH Medical College students wore bluetooth communicators around their necks as talismans and they were being provided with the answers from the people outside the premises. However, a member of the flying squad saw one of the students mumbling and they were caught. 

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4. A student cheated in her post-graduate exam by using a digital receiver and transmitter fitted in a car outside. 

As per the reports, the authorities found high-tech equipment like transmitters and receivers when they searched the car parked outside an examination centre. When they searched all the students taking the exams at the centre, they caught one student with the receiver and other digital equipment. 


5. A student and her brother-in-law were arrested as they used high-tech gadgets to cheat in her exam. 

During the Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) entrance exam, a female student was found writing answers that were being communicated to her by her brother-in-law sitting outside the examination hall through a high-tech gadget in Rae Bareli. The candidate, Seema Yadav, donned a locket with a microphone in it and also attached the audio pins to her face mask. When the authorities checked her as she was behaving suspiciously, they found the gadgets. 

6. A class 12th student was caught cheating using a bluetooth device. 

During the Punjab State Education Board English examination, a class 12th student was caught by the invigilator using an electronic device for cheating in his exams. They then cancelled his exam and registered a case against the student in Bhatinda. 

7. Students who were using microphones and headsets were caught by the police. 

During a state staff selection commission (SSC) exam in Powai, eleven students were caught using microphones and headsets. As per the reports, an examiner spotted two students covering their ears. Upon checking, they found devices attached to their bodies. Some devices were even wrapped in carbon paper, and hence, couldn’t be detected during security checks.

8. Students were arrested for taking the NEET exam on behalf of other candidates. 

Recently, police busted a cheating racket in which they arrested nine students. These students charge a hefty amount to take the exam on behalf of weak candidates from well-off families. According to a report, they charge ₹20 to ₹25 lakh from each student to take exams on their behalf.

9. Students were arrested for cheating with high-tech gadgets in Patna.

During the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB), thirteen candidates were arrested from different centres in Patna for cheating using several bluetooth-enabled gadgets. As per the reports, eight of the arrested students turned out to be females. 

India Today

This is simply terrible!