How do you make your photos stand out? You use unique and innovative hacks. From taking dreamy portraits to changing the shape of the bokeh, here are 15 tricks that will help you take stunning images in no time!

1. Use a water droplet on the lens of your phone to shoot macro images.

A single droplet won’t run off and is a great replacement for a macro lens.

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2. Spray water on a pair of glasses and shoot through it to create a cool filter.

Spray, point, shoot. It is as easy as that.

Filmora MVP
Filmora MVP

3. Shoot through sunglasses to get proper exposure when shooting in harsh light.

Tinted sunglasses also give a vintage feel to the image. 

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4. Use the flash in your camera and place an object in front to throw interesting shadows on the subject.

Filmora MVP
Filmora MVP

5. Use binoculars to zoom in on a subject. Digital zoom sucks and binoculars will give you the results without compromising in quality.


6. Place your phone in an airtight plastic bag to be to shoot underwater.

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7. Use the panoramic mode to create multiple copies of a subject.

Ask your subject to move around when you pan your phone to capture the panorama.

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8. Use binder clips or cut a slit in a paper cup for a makeshift tripod.


9. Dab a little petroleum jelly on the lens of your camera to create dreamy looking images.


10. Use a colander to create an interesting pattern on your subject.

You basically need to eclipse the light source with the colander and let it do its magic. 


11. Turn on the grid feature and flawlessly compose your images.

Grids make it easier to compose your image.

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12. Experiment with prisms for abstract compositions.

Place a prism in front of your lens and sit back and watch the prism throws myriad patterns and colours on your subject. Oh, and you also need to press the shutter.

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13. Plug in your earphone and press its button to use it like a trigger.

This trick works best using the makeshift tripod mentioned in point number 8. Set your camera on the tripod, attach the headphone and click your own portrait without the selfie-arm ruining the composition.

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14. Create photo filters from transparent-coloured folders.


15. Cut different shapes into cardboard and hold it against the lens to create an interesting bokeh.

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Have fun!