The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is just around the corner, but the company doesn’t seem to take a break as they have announced the re-launch of Galaxy Fold which will take place in September. After its failed initial design, the company is all set to enter the market and compete against upcoming Apple iPhone 2019 models.  


Though a specific date for the launch is not announced yet, we know that the price of the device will remain $1,980(about ₹1,36,500).

According the to report published by the company, these are the improvements that they have made to ensure the durability of the new design. 


The top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has been extended beyond the bezel. Now the smartphone features additional reinforcements to protect the device from external particles while maintaining its signature foldable experience. 


The top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps. Additional metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display have been included to reinforce the protection of the display. 


The space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has been reduced. 

The company revealed that they have also been working on the phone’s software to ensure that the smartphone can take full advantage of the large foldable display. All the changes seem very promising but we will know it for sure only when the device hits the market.