The sole reason why feature phones are still sticking around is the fact that they have amazing battery life, at least better than what we get out of our smartphones.

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If you are someone who is annoyed with modern-day smartphone’s battery performance, we have some great news for you. According to Hindustan Times, researchers at Australia-based Monash University have finally found a solution for low battery backups.

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They have developed a new solution which is capable of powering a modern-day smartphone for about five days on a single charge and can run electric vehicles over 1,000 Km without the need to refuel. To achieve this, they replaced the traditional lithium-ion batteries with lithium-sulfur batteries.

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This change helped researchers achieve higher charge levels without compromising on the overall performance of the battery. Professor Mainak Majumder, who is a part of the research said,

Successful fabrication and implementation of Li-S batteries in cars and grids will capture a more significant part of the estimated $213 billion value chain of Australian lithium and will revolutionise the Australian vehicle market and provide all Australians with a cleaner and more reliable energy market.

Project leader, Dr Mahdokht Shaibani, said that the tech may take two to four years to be commercially available.

Researchers have developed the solution at a time when tech companies are constantly looking for alternatives to Li-ion batteries to satisfy their power-hungry gadgets.