What comes to your mind when someone asks the future of mobility in another 20 or 30 years? Well, it doesn’t matter because no matter what you do, you cannot beat the Rolls Royce’s vision. In the parent company BMW’s centenary celebrations they stunned the world by unveiling this beautiful beast called Vision 100.

Can you imagine how much swag points you can earn just by showing up at a place with this masterpiece from Rolls Royce? 

You can even put James Bond at shame if you were rolling into one of these

As if buying the present models of Rolls Royce was affordable! 

Vision 100 is nearly 20 feet long (5.9m) and five feet tall

It would be first car that can be called a cruise ship too

They should give a red carpet along with it 

Looks like something you can only have as your desktop wallpaper

Now this is something I would prefer over a Batmobile  

A tall man might look like a dwarf while standing next to it 

This will surely make even the aliens jealous of our technology 

They see it rollin’, they hatin’

Machine with inbuilt attitude

This will make her propose for marriage on the first date itself 

We understand you’d be dying to see this beauty move after seeing all the magnificent photos above. Here is a short trailer, a peak into the future


Out of the world right? Brb, writing a letter to Santa asking for this.

Source for all the images: The Verge