Samsung vs Apple. 

It’s been a long on-going war. Two brands that only look to better each other. And since all is fair in love and war, this war took a new twist, again!

Samsung has just come out with a new ad that openly mocks Apple and iPhone users. It really is a grand attempt to thwart the much anticipated launch of iPhone X.

The new ad shows the struggles of an Apple loyalist. 

Like when the first iPhone had storage issues and no expandable memory. 

Not to forget, Samsung came out with a waterproof phone before Apple.

Did any of you Apple users go through this?

Then there’s the headphone jack conundrum in the new iPhones that Samsung users don’t face.

And not to mention, Samsung made many Apple users jealous when it came out with the wireless charger.

As a result, this guy changed his loyalties. Watch the ad and you may follow the same path:

And by the way, this isn’t the first time Samsung has done this.

Which brand do you think is better? Where do you stand? Sooner or later, you’ll have to take that ‘call’.