We saw people adopting a lot of amazing technologies in the past decade and with the new decade, now it's time for some predictions of what we might see in the next 10 years.

Here are our predictions for the next 10 years.

1. Graphene batteries will run your devices for days or even weeks on a single charge.

We all thought that feature phones will soon die but the fact that they can run for days, made people buy them and which is why they are still holding up.

Source: Green Tech Media

The same is not possible with current smartphones because they may have evolved over the years, we are still using the same old battery tech from many years. These batteries have a major problem that they can't hold the power for a long period of time and have a very limited number of charge/discharge cycle.

Source: Mining Technology

However, with companies working on graphene batteries, that can last much longer on a single charge, soon we may see them powering our devices. Wondering how long are we talking about? Well, days or maybe weeks.

New battery tech
Source: Softpedia

2. Wireless tech will lead to smartphones with no hole.

Imagine a completely sealed phone with no holes, no headphone jack, no sim card tray, no charging port, no speaker port, no microphone hole and no physical button. It may seem weird at first but think about the possibilities, better waterproofing and what not.

Vivo Apex
Source: Ephotozine

Developers already thought of the possibilities and we saw prototype phones like Vivo Apex. However, this decade we may see such hole-less phones making their way to the main-stream.

future smartphone
Source: TechnoBugg

There have been several reports about Apple working on an iPhone without a charging port and we all know when Apple does something, everyone follows.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Source: Firstpost

3. Smart glasses may come as an alternative to smartphones.

We already saw a few reports making bold claims that Apple is working on smart glasses which will eventually replace smartphones.

Smart Glasses
Source: Medium

In the past, we have seen Google's smart glasses but sadly that tech failed, however, it wasn't enough for them to stop working on it and few reports suggest that the next version is under development.

AR glasses
Source: Techspot

Now, with Apple's entry in the same direction, the future seems bright and we may see smart glasses replacing smartphones. But only time will tell.

Glasses of the future
Source: The Burnin

4. With streaming services in the market, gaming consoles will die.

While it may sound a very bold and heartbreaking claim, especially if you own the latest console or planning to buy the PS 5, it's very likely to happen. But what made us say that? 

Well, we already saw services like Google Stadia, that transmits the data over the Internet, and it's only the beginning.

Gaming Consoles
Source: Engadget

5. A compact and large smartphone will be a single device.

To reach to every type of consumer, there are a lot of smartphone brands, including market leaders, that make compact and large models of the same smartphone.

This leads to a huge amount of electronic waste each year and depletion of earth's natural resources. Not just that, it also creates a lot of confusion among consumers.

Expandable phone
Source: GizmoChina

However, it seems like Samsung has finally found a solution as the latest report suggests that the company is working on a device with an expandable display.

Expandable display phone
Source: The Sun

6. We may see phones with crystal-clear 8K display in the future.

We already saw big 8K displays in 2019 and soon we are expecting to see a similar display on a smartphone. The biggest hurdle that brands will face in placing an 8K display on a smartphone is the amount of power it will require to run it.

8K display
Source: CNet

However, with smartphone operating systems getting smarter and batteries are likely to evolve in the next few years, the dream of having an 8K display on a smartphone can become a reality.

smartphone display
Source: LiveMint

7. The traditional speakers we use today will die by the end of the decade.

What can we do to get even more rich sound experience without using traditional speakers? Well, make the display produce sound.

Apple iPhone
Source: Make Use Of

It may seem like a tech straight from the future, the prototypes are already out there. During the CES 2019, we saw a few displays from LG that can produce sound without using traditional speakers.

smartphone speaker
Source: Trend Hunter

But why do we need to replace the traditional speakers with the new technology? To start, the newer tech takes lesser space, uses less power to operate and can produce a precisely directed sound which offers a better audio experience.

speakers on smartphone
Source: Android Pit

8. After earphones, brands will stop including wired chargers in the phone’s box because it won’t have a charging port.

There was a time when smartphone brands used to include earphones in the phone's box but time changed and now we rarely see them in the box. The same is going to happen with wired chargers.

Wireless charging
Source: Engadget

Wondering why? With Apple planning to remove the charging port in the coming years, other brands are likely to follow the same and soon there will be no need of wired chargers because there will be no charging ports.

wireless charging smartphone
Source: Digital Trends

9. We may see 360degree display phones in this decade.

With technologies like under-display camera sensors and design concept of phones like Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, we might soon witness the first all-display smartphone.

Mi Mix Alpha
Source: Android Authority

The only limitation that restricted Mi Mix Alpha from becoming the first phone to have a 360degree surround display is the fact that the under-display camera sensor is still under development. However, with developers working hard to bring the tech in real life, we may soon see a phone with all display design.

All display phone
Source: TechTalkTV

10. Network issues may become a thing of past in this decade.

We have already seen several reports claiming that Apple is working on satellite technology that will send data to iPhones directly.

Satellite network
Source: Internet Access Guide

If all goes well, we might see the network transmitted from the sky by the end of the decade. It will resolve the problem of low network strength or poor network coverage in some areas.

Internet satellite
Source: Edgy

11. You might not have to pay for the Internet in coming years

If increased Internet charges bother you, this might be good news as in future you may not have to pay for accessing the web. A few months back, Kerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac wrote on Twitter that for 20 lakh BPL households, the Internet will be given for free because it's a basic human right. 

Source: Abs Cbn

Elon Musk's SpaceX is also working on the Internet-beaming Starlink satellites that will be able to transmit the data anywhere in the world. On 22nd October 2019, to write a tweet, Musk used the Internet connection provided by his company's satellite.

SpaceX Starlink
Source: CNet

So, there you have it, it would be interesting to see what tech giants offer and how can they surprise us. Please note that these predictions are based on the technological advancements that we witnessed in recent times.