The World Mobile Congress this year had all eyes raving over a spectacular collection of handsets, accessories and gadgets that most tech nerds are probably celebrating over already. The assorted collection of these epic new cutting-edge gadgets was showcased in Barcelona, and we guarantee they will leave longing for more, or at least with a huge dent in the wallet.

Here are our 10 best picks out of the high tech gadget collection.

1. Akyumen Holofone

For those who didn’t know this till now, the Akyumen Holofone is a phablet – a smartphone with a display size somewhere between an average smart pone and a tablet – that has put the Windows platform back in high gear. With one of the best User Interfaces, Akyumen Holofone boasts of a multitude of applications and a built-in projector too. No more heavy equipment for presentations, all you need is your phablet.

2. FlexEnable flexible bracelet

What was that? You say you’ve seen all futuristic gadgets you’d like? No my fellow tech freak, let me introduce you to the FlexEnable, a wrap around smartphone that you can wear around wrist encased in a cool gauntlet that serves as the brace. The prototype serves a glimpse into a future where people would think back to a silly time when everyone stuffed smartphones in their pants, in retrospect. Geeks.

3. LG Rolling Bot

LG’s Rolling Bot is that cool little camera drone that kind of looks like those you’ve seen being used by the military in games and movies.The little plastic ball is equipped with a camera, speaker and a mic, and can be connected to the your home Wi-Fi network and operated using your G5. Plus, it has a little laser pointer that your cat can go ape shit on.

4. LG G5

LG’s new smartphone is the talk of the show at the moment. With all of its plastic removed and made in a single metal unit, the smartphone’s almost completely customizable. The 4GB RAM, 32 GB + additional storage, fingerprint scanner and 16-megapixel are just some of the ridiculous features that make this nifty thing a grab. Plus, a little button on the side that drops out the bottom also just helps with the customization.

5. Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin – coolest name ever, by the way – offers everything that the general smartphone does. A Dual-tone flash, 13-megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor, face detection, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and quick charging seem regular, but those are just some of the things that rocketed the phones sales to over ₹8.6 Crore. The best bit is the automatic archiving and ‘unarchiving’ of less frequently used files that offers the best kind of storage management. Save anything and everything you feel like; ain’t no care in the world.

6. Chromville

Time for how augmented reality is going to take over the education industry some day, and Chromville is first in line. With a very simple UI, kids can download and print pages with designs, and holding the tablet onto the image would then create a 3D rendition of it, allowing a better understanding of geography and design. How to build machines, learning human anatomy and much more becomes easy – and more importantly, fun – with this gadget. I want to go back to school now.

7. Irisbond Eye writing

This one’s for the lazy buggers who find it just too damn difficult to work their thumbs up for a simple text message. Irisbond’s eye-tracking mechanism allows users to type without typing. That’s right. You could text, type mails, even books just by following the keys on a virtual keyboard on the screen, with your eyes. This also turns out to be a great choice for differently-abled people.

8. Sony’s Xperia concepts

Sony’s new concepts for the Xperia series unveiled four new intelligent devices that are designed to adapt to your preferences, activities and behaviour. A robot assistant with built in AI, an automated portable projector, a life-logging camera and smart ear bud – Xperia Ear – are the brand new instalments. Each gadget has built-in AI that responds to voice commands. This will make you a damned cyborg.

9. Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses

We know and remember the great failure that was Google glasses, but Epson’s smart glasses promise more, a lot more. Slimmer and lighter, this new brand of smart glasses offer a huge host of applications and real-time engagement options as compared to most of its predecessors. The Epson’s Moverio BT-300 mixes high-resolution OLED displays with augmented reality to give the user an experience like no other. Sweet lord!

10. HP Elite X3

What do you want me to even say about Windows phones? Well, I’ll start with the fact that they seem to be doing something right, now. The Elite X3 to begin with, lets you switch between phablet and full computer size via a very handy dock. A Snapdragon 820 OS with 4 GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage, include a fingerprint and an iris scanner. Now, while your faith in HP may have shaken, don’t worry, we truly believe in this release.

Why can I not have this? Why?