Steve Jobs may now be known or remembered as the co-founder of one of the biggest companies, Apple, but he once was as bad as anyone of us when it came to making his own CV.


No, we are not making this up at all.

He made a one-page CV for himself when he was 18 and it almost looked like a hilarious piece of an indifferent lazy teenager that we all probably are or were at one point of time.  


If you read it carefully, you will find way too many errors besides of course inadequate information that would have been useful to anyone looking to fill a job.

To begin with, 

  • In the address section, Jobs just mentions the name of his college and nothing else. 
  • Under the prompt “Access to transportation,” Jobs answered, “Possible but not               probable[sic].” 
  • He left the “Past Employment” section entirely blank. 
  • Wrote “none” instead of mentioning a contact number. 


Nothing, except where he mentioned “design, tech” under a computing skill item, was impressive about this job application, which according to Fortune was filled out by him in 1973. 


This resume is basically all of us, and am so glad I can finally relate to this genius because he too had an equally hard time filling out a job application. We all dread, don’t we?

Going by the calculation, Jobs all-in-all made this CV just three years before he and Steve Wozniak founded Apple.


Now, why we bring this CV (which was made 45 years ago) to your notice is because it’s all set to go up for auction next month, fetching an estimate of about $50,000 (approximately Rs. 32 lakh).

The document does not state what position he was applying for, and is set to be sold by Boston-based auction house RR Auction.

He may have sold the best products in the world, but Jobs had a hard time selling himself, if this resume is anything to go by.