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Here’s a confession – being away from home has taught me everything except the elusive art of laundry. The days used to be perfect until the time to wash my week’s worth of dirty clothes came up. I can’t count the number of times when my clothes changed colors or became super faded because I always thought, “it’s only been 10 minutes soaking, da!”  At times, it was extra detergent, hard stains and sometimes just too many clothes that ensured I failed at this. Not to forget the whole drying and folding chaos later. 

If like me, you too have experienced this no-I-can’t-laundry feeling, then I bet you’d find these tips handy. Really ’cause I’ve searched a lot!

1. A laundry folder that helps you fold sooner than ever

Well, thank you, Sheldon!

2. Color fading can be a mess… unless you add a teaspoon of salt with the clothes!

Buh-bye color bleeding.

3. Use a fabric softener ’cause it’s hella amazing!

Oh, helloo fragrant and lively clothes!

4. Invest in a top-load machine & minimize your efforts

A top load machine ensures that your washing experience gets much easier. After all, even the everyday wear need that extra care. Tell you what, check out the wonderful range of machines by Bosch and give your apparels the TLC they need!

5. Dry your clothes inside-out to further prevent color fading

Effort-consuming but very effective. Bring it on, sunlight!

6. Separate out the whites, coloured and delicates to avoid mishaps

Don’t forget the basics!

7. Use a lingerie bag in your wash and you’ll never have to hunt for the socks again!

Now, that’s easy-peasy.

8. Toss in a dry towel to make your clothes dry faster.

This really speeds up the process, I swear.

Here’s to becoming the new experts of laundry!