Most of us have a love-hate relationship with dating apps. That's because finding a suitable match online is quite hard; but...but... the process is fun. 

This 'fun' has been a driving force behind the rise of usage of these apps during the pandemic. 

You know? Even though going out or meeting someone new is seemingly impossible for now, people don't mind just talking to someone and forgetting about the sadness of current times. 

chatting on dating apps
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In fact, if a report from Vice is anything to be believed, Tinder - possibly the most popular online dating platform in the world - saw an average 49% increase in the number of messages sent out between March and mid-April. 

And that's just in Asia. 

tinder in asia
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Now, this may not come as a huge surprise but Indians proved to be the chattiest out of all Asian people, with 61% increase in messages. 

Meanwhile Koreans were the most open to meeting people and displayed an an increase of 55% in swipe volume. 

texting on tinder
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The survey also showed that the interest in the match's opinion on masks, has increased in the last few months. 

(The new meaning of 'protection'. Nice).

As for online dates, Gen Z was more open to the idea than the millennials. 

online dates
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The pandemic has changed online dating, just like everything else, but contrary to initial assumptions, it looks like the apps are here to stay.  

Also, hum log kitni baatein karte hain?!