There’s been a lot of iconic things from our childhood that are taking the highway home recently. MS Paint sounded its death knell not too long ago, and now, it’s the turn of the iPod to say its last goodbye.

Apple pulled the iPod Nano and Shuffle out of circulation yesterday, according to Wired, and that’s basically the end of one of the most iconic standalone music players of all time. It was the piece of technology that we either had or wanted to get our hands on as kids, and now it’s gone. Sure there’s still the iPod Touch, but that’s more of a smartphone than a music player of any significance.


I mean, we all knew that people weren’t exactly buying these things in massive anymore, or even buying ’em at all. As with all technology, it got its expiration date, and now it’s gone. But still, for something so iconic, so essential, it really feels like there should’ve been a going away party, or some kind of fanfare.


In 2014, around the time of the iPod Classic’s discontinuation, Tim Cook said, “All of us have known for some time that iPod is a declining business.” It’s sad to see this little piece of tech that represented basically an entire generation go, but that’s the way the world works I suppose. It was fun while it lasted!