You read about it in The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy, you probably wished you had it when you were stuck awkwardly enunciating your words and gesturing like a mime to try an communicate to someone who didn’t speak your language. Especially if it was a cutie with an even cuter accent. Well, here’s some good news.

Waverly Labs

It’s finally hear and it’s called The Pilot, a real-time in-ear translation device.

The future is here folks! Eat your heart out Doc.



At the “affordable”pre-order price of $129 for it’s early bird launch, The Pilot is the marriage of an application for your mobile device which allows you to choose from a selection of four languages – English, French, Spanish and Italian, and the Babbelfish-like ear piece which transmits the translated message back to you. 


The developers, Waverly Labs have promised that the first generation of the device is only the beginning.

While this version only works one-to-one with both participants requiring an ear piece each and the application on their phone, future generations will need just one ear piece and the app on their phone. It will translate any conversation within a certain radius, which might get a little dizzying at times. 

And it all started when the creator met a French girl he probably fancied. Hear him talk about it here.

But hey, to the technologically ignorant this might as well be magic. They truly are the Wizards of Waverly (Lab) Place.