I was writing an article yesterday about the famous startups of the 2000s, and it made me so damn nostalgic that I spent quite a good time fiddling around the then and now images of famous websites and applications. So, here is a picture series showcasing how these websites looked back when they started and today. Enjoy!

1. Facebook in 2005 vs Facebook in 2022

2. Amazon in 1995 vs Amazon in 2022

3. Wikipedia in 2001 vs Wikipedia in 2022

4. YouTube in 2005 vs YouTube in 2022

5. Google in 1997 vs Google in 2022

6. Twitter in 2006 vs Twitter in 2022

7. LinkedIn in 2004 vs LinkedIn in 2022

8. Skype in 2004 vs Skype in 2022

9. Instagram in 2011 vs Instagram in 2022

10. Airbnb in 2008 vs Airbnb in 2022

11. Spotify in 2006 vs Spotify in 2022

12. Netflix in 2002 vs Netflix in 2022

The journey from thefacebook to Facebook as we know it now, and of Amazon from selling books to a platform where you can find almost everything simply shows us how far we have come. 

Feeling nostalgic yet?