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Am I the only one who’s very meticulous about giving feedback on food delivery apps? I hope not, ’cause they are way too important, especially for these kinda services! And, it seems like Uber Eats’ agrees with me. 

Uber Eats has recently launched a new rating feature in which the users will be given a rating on the basis of some parameters. Yes, that’s true guys! They’ll be rating us on the basis of these 9 things. 

1. Are you sanskaari enough to take the food with your right hand?

According to our Indian sanskaars, we should always give and receive things with our right hand. So, if you are sanskaari enough, you might be getting 5-stars! You’ll have better benefits with more stars.

2. Have you ensured that your doggo is calm when the delivery person is at the door?

Don’t leave your dog unattended when the delivery person arrives at your doorstep! It can deduct your points ’cause the fear of dogs is real!

3. Can you open the door within 10 seconds?

Yes, the delivery person doesn’t like to wait either! So, rush to your door and quickly open it or else get ready to get average ratings! 

4. Have you ever considered thanking the delivery person?

Don’t forget to greet the delivery person and say thank you before they leave! It can be a sure-shot way to up your ratings! I mean, who likes to do a thankless job, right?

5. Do you have the exact chillars for the payment?

“Chillar nahi hai mere pass”, that’s what we hear quite often while receiving an order. So, be sure that you have the exact change before choosing COD the next time!

6. Do you know your exact address and can you pin the same?

You don’t want your food to be cold when it arrives (and the delivery person doesn’t like to wander with it either). So, it’ll be awesome if you pin the exact location before tapping on ‘Place Order’ button!

7. Do you spam the delivery person with calls?

Yeah, if you call them a hundred times asking where your order is, it’s gonna reflect poorly on your ratings. So, DON’T! Kidhar ho? Kab aaoge? will only delay the process! Also, if you keep calling, how is the delivery person gonna reach your location fast? 

8. Are you giving a lot of special instructions?

No matter how much you like giving special instructions, you gotta stop with the essays! A short and accurate instruction will save your time and the delivery person’s too, who may find it difficult to go through essays on the go! 

9. Offer a glass of water if it’s too hot outside, ’cause boy they got you food!

Last but not least, ALWAYS offer a glass of water to the delivery person ’cause it’s a good deed! (plus it hikes your ratings)

So, if you are a true-blue food lover, then stick to these hacks and be a 5-star foodie! Click here to sign up for the beta launch of Uber Eats Ratings.

And, you can watch the video below to know more about the crazy perks that you’re gonna get if you have a high rating on Uber Eats!