There is nothing easier than going to a trustworthy retailer and purchasing a brand new phone. Not only is it simple but also comes with a warranty for a significant period of time. However, when it comes to buying a used phone, things get a little different. Purchasing a refurbished phone can be risky and with iPhone being a desire of every other hand, it becomes important to talk about all those aspects that every person planning to buy a used iPhone must consider before making the payment.   

1. Consider an iPhone that is in relatively good condition with only a few marks and an undamaged, flawless screen. 

2. Every phone has its own unique serial number that allows easy locking down of a device in case of theft or loss. Make sure you check the IMEI number on the back of the iPhone and match it with the one embedded in the OS. 

3.  Make sure that the iPhone you are buying has not suffered from water or liquid damage. 

4. Before buying a used iPhone, it’s important to check the capacity of the device. In order to do that, you can navigate to Settings -> General -> About. 

5. Set screen brightness to maximum, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, take pictures and videos and talk over the phone for several minutes to check If the battery drains really rapidly or not. 

6. Press all the buttons such as Home, Power and Volume buttons to make sure their functions are being performed correctly. 

7. Cast a very keen eye over the iPhone screen and make sure there are no dead pixels anywhere to be seen. 

8. Check if the device charges correctly and if you can hear audio and music through headphones clearly and without distortion.  

Keep in mind these simple tips and prove yourself a smart buyer.