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It takes a dream to get started, desire to keep moving forward, but most importantly determination to make that dream a reality.

Life as we know it (especially after 2020), is not an easy ride. But the willingness to overcome the challenges no matter what, is what determines the size of our success. And when we put in the right effort, newer avenues always open up to lead us to our target.

All this might seem easier said than done, but we have young stars like Tushar Silawat who are living examples of how far one’s will power can take them. 

The 18-year-old is a huge social media celebrity today. All thanks to his fun short videos on the Moj app, which are ridiculously enjoyable and entertaining! Check out one of his super cool videos here. 

But getting here was far from easy for this powerhouse of talent. Tushar’s journey began in 2016, when he started making videos on YouTube. These included comedy videos and even reviews of mobile phones. However, he didn’t receive any positive response from his audience, which left him demotivated. Moreover, coming from a middle class family, it was also difficult for him to win their support and explain to them why he wasn’t ready to give up. And he never did.

Soon after, Tushar shifted towards making mini fifteen second Lip-Sync videos on various short-video apps and started garnering everyone’s attention. On Moj app, it was really easy for him to make an impression on everyone’s mind as he experimented with different kinds of content and shot versatile videos, showing just how multitalented he was. 

Once Tushar got on the Moj app, there was no looking back. The best part about this app is that it gives equal importance to every video that a user makes. It doesn’t prioritise videos of only famous artists by boosting their viewership. The app in fact provides an equal opportunity for everyone to share the limelight and grow their followers overnight. Look at this breakthrough video of Tushar simply being dapper for ten seconds straight!

Tushar is extremely dedicated towards his passion, and his story is reminding us all to follow our hearts and achieve what we once dreamt of. Today the 18-year-old prodigy has even bought his favourite car and is making his family proud. Despite all the fame he’s received at such a tender age, Tushar still wants to keep going and become India’s biggest travel blogger. And all our best wishes are with him on this journey! 

The strength of our will is perhaps the biggest asset in our race to achieving goals. But never forget, that just like the Moj app, golden opportunities will keep knocking at our door to make the journey exciting every step of the way. Check out the Moj app here and who knows, you might just be the next celebrity in the making.