Imagine you’re sitting in an airplane and the ceiling gets transparent unveiling the starry night outside. And imagine if you could adjust the seats to your shape and size? Flying Economy is not the most comfortable experience, but things are looking up, literally. 

Airbus unveiled this revolutionary design called The Concept Cabin to make your flight experience more comfortable and hassle-free.

But the finemprint is that you will have to wait till 2050 to see this happen. 

Let’s go into the details of what this concept plane will look like. It’s divided into three zones, namely, the Vitalising Zone, the Interaction Zone and the Smart Tech Zone, that could take care of any whim or fancy you might have.


1. The Interaction Zone

This zone will take you to whatever social scene you want to be in. It could be your virtual golf course or a virtual changing room for people who are active shoppers. Like seriously?


2. The Vitalising Zone

The vitalising zone has some amazing features too that you can only imagine in a dream. From see through walls, vitamin and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments, this zone will have you covered. 


3. The Smart Tech Zone

Here you can experience next level comfort, with seats that will auto-adjust to your body shape and size. Another feature is where your hand luggage gets ‘swallowed’ at the entrance and then reappears beside you. 

Here, this is your sneak peek into the future of airplanes. Watch and be amazed: