Growing up, most of us millennials thought that by the time we hit 30, we’ll have nailed adulting to live the “healthy, wealthy, and wise” life. Now that most of us are close to 30, we’re neither healthy, nor wealthy, and barely ‘wisdomous’. 


But looks like there is someone out there looking out for us barely adulting millennials. 

It’s fintech startup Fi and it’s offering a job to millennials who can’t handle their finances. No, I’m not kidding!


Fi, a financial app, describes itself as banking for a ‘generation of digital natives’. And yes, your ability to name all Instagram challenges makes you a digital native. 


And Fi, which is based on the concept of helping its customers manage and grow their funds, has now introduced a position of Chief Broke Officer. It’s a fictitious role for millennials who can never really understand where their salary went. 


Their ideal candidate, who needs to be a working professional in India with 1-15 years of experience, sure has a lot of “qualities” we millennials are known for! 


Now that’s what you call the perfect job offer. 

You can find out more about the job and the company here.