The world wide web is a place like no other. Here, you can do things that you wouldn’t have imagined in the wildest of your dreams a couple of years ago. However, with the upsides come the downsides. While e-commerce might be a booming sector in India, there have been a lot of incidents in which online retailing stores goofed up and pulled off scams, like Flipkart sending bricks instead of binoculars or Snapdeal sending a bar of case instead of a smartphone. This time, Reddit user Abhishtu fell for it. He decided to order a graphics card called the MSI Seahawk but ended up paying ₹63,500 for a piece of marble!

Abhishtu placed the order with a reputed retail store called the The IT Wares. It not only sells online but also has a store in Mumbai.

Being a gamer, he was obviously excited about receiving the MSI Seahawk. Which looks something like this:

Instead, Abhishtu received an old, used and rusted piece of equipment which barely qualifies as a graphics card.

Along with it, an old adapter which looks like one of those local chargers for an old Nokia phone.

But wait, that wasn’t the worst part. He also received this:

Yes, a piece of marble. Probably picked up from some construction site by the looks of it.

He had received the order on 27th January, 2016, but did not post the story of the incident online, until March. Why? Because he wanted to give sufficient time to address the problem and commit to what their website actually claims.

But their response was limited to, “Check and investigate the issue at your end.”

b’Source: info.shine’

Abhishtu shared his story on Reddit and now plans to go to the consumer court in hope of getting his money back. He knows it won’t be easy but he wanted to make his story public so that other people don’t get cheated like he was. For a more detailed account of what happened, hear it from Abhishtu himself:

63k for a marble and a rusted-washed-up graphics card! Keep that in mind the next time you make an online purchase.