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The first anything can be super intimidating. First time you live alone, first time you go out on a date, first time on stage. Or the first day of your internship. 

And with hoards of GenZers making their way into the workforce every year as interns, we really wanted to let them know how they can ace their first day. Advice number 1 — hey kids, welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

Jokes apart, if you really want to become everyone’s favourite intern then you’ve gotta work smart. Or own a smarter smartphone. Just like our intern Chandrachoor Bhatia here, who’s first day looks nothing like he had expected. Even though his first day throws everything but the kitchen sink at him, the smart and savvy Chandrachoor takes control with the help of his new Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite and totally steals the show at the end. Read on to know how.

1. Slay the selfie with the magical S Pen

When you’re carrying a whole world of technology in your pocket, there’s not much to complain about. So when Chandrachoor finds himself beaten by boredom waiting at the lobby, he has to do something about it. He’s obviously dressed to kill for his first day at work, so why not show it off to his friends with a slaying selfie? Using the S Pen as a remote he can take some awesome selfies with his Note10 Lite, and that too without touching his phone screen. And lets the world know he’s here to slay! 

2. Bring your vivid imagination to life with the AR doodle feature 

There’s a fact of any first day, it’s going to be boring. Our intern Chandrachoor has the perfect solution to crack himself up with the AR Doodle feature on the phone. The AR Doodle feature allows users to use the S Pen to doodle on real life objects. So Chandrachoor spends his time making amazing devil’s horns on his colleague. 

3. Forget notepads when you have the S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite comes with some of the coolest features. Gone are the days when one would take down notes from their bosses on a notepad. Chandrachoor uses the S Pen to take down his boss’s lunch order and uses the text import feature to automatically convert his handwriting to phone text. How cool is that? (Apart from the fact that he’s taking down lunch orders). 

4. Write on your phone even when it’s locked

So you thought your phone reading your handwriting was cool? Well, there’s more. Chandrachoor, sitting and imagining his future as CEO, is scribbling on his phone, even while it’s locked. This is the cool and impressive screen-off memo feature. All you need to do is just start writing with the S Pen on the screen and keep saving your notes. No need for a notepad!  

5. Give professional video editors a run for their money

The Note10 Lite comes with an in-built, professional, video-editing suite which is super helpful for on-the-go video editing. And with the S Pen you can get more creative and productive to ace absolutely any presentation at work. Just like Chandrachoor, who gets ahead in the game by keeping track of any loopholes he could fill in and having the tools to help him achieve his tasks. So when the team fails in editing a video, our super-intern uses his S Pen to get it done on his phone. You can use the suite to insert transitions or subtitles, change the speed, and even add illustrations.

6. Win hearts with the perfect handsfree group-fie

And just when we all thought the S Pen couldn’t get any cooler, we realised that we could even take high definition and super impressive group pictures with it, without touching the phone screen. Just like how our star intern takes a group picture (with him in it). All one needs to do is wave the S Pen around like a wand and simply press a button for a professional click. Yayyy!

It’s always nice to stay ahead of the times. And the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is certainly a blessing for a generation that is waiting take the world on. There are also some other exciting features like the pro-grade camera with dual pixel technology; a 4,500mAh super fast charging battery; and a storage of 128GB that is expandable by 1TB. 

The Note10 Lite comes equipped with a secure folder to keep all your phone data safe unlike other phones. And it also has an in-built mobile payment service called Samsung Pay that lets you make smart, secure and contactless payments anywhere. Check out this video to know how you can go from being an intern to super-intern, all in one day!

And now you can own the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite with a no cost EMI starting at ₹4667, or get an additional upgrade bonus up to ₹5000. You can also get a cashback of a whooping ₹5000 on Citibank Credit and Debit cards. So hurry! Because the offer is valid only till June 30th, 2020. And there’s more, students from select colleges can avail exclusive discounts up to ₹2000 on Galaxy Note10 Lite. For more details, click here

So are you ready to rule the world?